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against its death (09 March 2011)

30 Apr

daughter, it’s heavy to hold that word
the way society would like me to

husband/wife, I have found a thousand
different sandcastle formations

to bring this to life –
and still it slaps round

like a fish seized from the water
struggling against its death


digging (16 Nov 2010)

14 Feb

Yesterday I thought peace
lay at a depth that took
unceasing labour
to unfold

like a flower pealing back
a bulb finding light
a snake losing it’s skin

dying into a deeper shade of myself

When I went digging yesterday
I kept on uncovering
I kept on uncovering

I kept on uncovering

right (7 Sep 2006)

11 Jun

I want to do this right
not mortgage my soul
when I’m dying inside

I want to say this right
I’m praying for strength
not to play any games

purge (7 Sep 2006)

11 Jun

It’s potent; I’ve met someone
   else what?

  else what of me, else us
I’ve met someone, else
  it’s serious

(it’s purging when it’s serious)
purge the ignorant
purge the bliss

(don’t you dare write
  my songs!
don’t ever sing for me again!)

you think that you can
placate with this tune, No!
green eyes are died red

cat time (12 Jul 2006)

6 Jun

I want to see his eyes
I want to look at them
  and know

his comfort
how he extends his chin
in such a way

already accepting
humanity and love
a serene countenance

like sinking into sun
  sets and cushions
I want to hear him purr

I want to listen
  and understand
how the warmth

and heart vibrations
warmed his family

little angle (14 May 2006)

2 Jun

little angel
you have remade
my story

  of life
you float
  inbetween me and you

I look for the meaning
that can bridge
  can open

  can carry
to the centre

of us
it is pure
(this) love

I ask to grow
  in your hands
little angel

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