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Solar plexus chakra (11 Feb 2010)

15 Feb

When I stepped on the plane at Gatwick
To return to the Brazilian resting place
Of my heart (oh what a leap of faith that was)
I think a subtle shattering occurred

I wish I’d had some way of knowing
That it was me who had changed too much
To follow him, even out of love
A fire rebelled and the magnetism lent

Inwards, back to my deepest home
Where, no matter how far I wonder
I always and must return to her

It is a confusing time
Of honouring myself
And clearly so in love
With a dream in distant shores

And then in the most shattering one liner
(I have found someone else)
All of the cosmos now becomes
My navigatable territory

Home is not big enough
My life is not big enough
God is not big enough
And all of this hurts in a way that asks me

To be as vast as my pain


Sacral chakra (11 Feb 2010)

12 Feb

I am in motion, sacral chakra
Charting territory of the
Emotional landscape which
I find as large as a continent

As isolating as Easter Island
And as pounding as the great
Falls of Iguzu
(The Devil’s Gate is off limits

Due to too much rain)
A great change comes to me
In the shape of
Tears and Honesty

I am drowning in my own
Lies and fantasies
And ideas of acceptability
A huge betrayal is approaching

Unguarded, I touch Truth
And it issues me
An ultimatum: Set your life right!
Meet Love. Follow Love. Follow your heart

I am ready to choose my way

In the consequence of this action
I love. I desire. I burn. I hate
I hurt. I unglue my self. I seek
Something that is more than I am

And never have I felt so lost

not knowing (3 Sept 2009)

9 Jan

it’s nice to know it doesn’t
matter, your decision
is only for the next phase
to begin, like a flag
drawn down the mast
silence replaces the
flapping wind

for a split second everything
dies in the exhale
pause in that long
of not knowing

and then fly your flag
up against the sun
there’s no knowing if it
anything at all
from what was choreographed
in the very beginning

paper dolls (18 July 2009)

9 Jan

and then there’s me
  every choice
  every decision
   of me

like thin paper dolls

free will – 25 Oct 2008

22 Sep

there is only free will in the present
if you are in the past
then it was destined to happen
because it did

free will only exists in time
as if there was a before the decision
and an after the decision

remove time
and it always was
and then there is only an appearance
  of a decision

a night of stars (02 Feb 2007)

17 Jul

I concentrated
a night of stars
into the dot of an i

then i wrote
a poem
with you in

lines (9 Aug 2006)

11 Jun

You don’t know you’re in love
she says
You hold your hand

  out the way a palm
  reader would ask you to
I know you’re still seeking

  me in everyone you see
she says
Can you choose

  your life line
  your intersection
from being alone?

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