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magnificence (1 Aug 2010)

27 Aug

alter me
show my original face
where I suddenly find myself


prompt me
dare me to break free
this cautious mind wants freedom

and awe

deliver me
intimate with the mundane
and into the deepness of life

and reverence

break me
  wide open
for subtlety and magnificence

yes, this is for magnificence


author (26 June 2010)

10 Jul

I called it a dismantling
and there’s an angel up there
  who knows the art
  of a good drama and
she calls it a deconstruction
  of character
(or she would if she didn’t
care). You call it a
collapse and it is perfect
like beliefs are such fragile
matchsticks and flames are
hungry for space, licking
their lips as identities disappear
  specifically yours
and it’s not a safe place to be
when you want control
or even a sense of it
I hope you fall gracefully
because big trees can be very stubborn
  under new winds

Heart chakra (11 Feb 2010)

16 Feb

I need to start again, in Byron Bay
I want to live in Grace, she is spontaneous
And bewildering

And so intently creative. An opportunist
Where I can help write a book;
Living Well with Chronic Illness

(anyone who lives in the illusions
of suffering feels this
as the ultimate chronic illness)

So I fall and fall and fall
Into Grace, she is, by definition
More than I can ever ask for

Love comes in the form of healing
Healing comes in the form of love
I am dancing again

Under new stars
In a place circled on the earth
By god for me

I forgive you God

And I open the largest scar
in the heart of my known cosmos
like Uluru, it is a sacred walk

by men in their own journey into freedom
and I let go to the divine
it is a surrender like a snake dropping its skin

no longer needed, too dull perhaps
for the colourful funeral
of suffering

(pain lives on her own now)

I am in a different relationship to life
I love without boundaries
Flowing into the Holy Trinity

Of Love Triangles
I know this is my lesson (be compassionate)
Because last time I tore my soul into pieces

This time; it is clear
That honesty must guide this crazy path
No matter the cost

  What is more healing
  Than loving the best and worst in someone
  And calling ourselves Sweetheart?

Yes, Grace is compassionate
And adventurous. She invites me
to India, pay attention, she says

and say Yes

falling into grace (17 July 2009)

9 Jan

when I touch
when I burst into tears
when I read how well

you – a stranger –
are doing in your earthly

simply being you
I touch a golden
beam, it brings lightness to

every tree, tall slender sky
scrapers dropping dew
like windy days, seeds

falling in grace
falling in delicate patterns
shaping the entire

story of our planet
you are lightness
  falling into grace

fierce grace (23 May 2009)

20 Dec

it is a ferocious story
one that I can’t even begin
to offer the scale of empathy
  it warrants

the acute contraction
  of life and lives
as the story surfaces
and all the fears that ties

themselves to a mother
  to a son, to a sister
   to a daughter (sweet child)
and expresses again

  in fierce mother-love fears
in such a natural response
and yet, in a small way,
I see the grace

  the unbundling of pain
and the pain unbundling
that son brings mother
  (daughter and sister)

God! What a purpose
What a divine love to go through
  this together
How my heart peals to the core

  of nothing left
when I think of your
  karmic play
the karmic run-off

and the karmic love
holding you all together
  beyond this life’s imagination
I am touched

the opposite of staying (13 Dec 2008)

22 Sep

it looks like a child
called Brazil or a children’s book
in possum creek
I can create the world

I want children to see
and taste and be
compassionate as a way
of living

it looks like living
in a community of nomads
to earth, we hunger to belong
and say something significant

like love is the only known
and here we move to and from
and always within
lighting and touching

vast tides of possibilities
like the single drop returning
to the ocean and seeing the journey
to land is contained

and moving to a greater pull and law

after we shout (01 Dec 2008)

22 Sep

it was such a grace in amongst
the blurry breath and a clogged up nose
that a giggle escaped
sounding louder; how perfect is life

and diving deeply again
into salty sobs, we find air
in the ocean, and find the ocean
tastes of tears

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