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city gale (12 Aug 2011)

13 Oct

I am walking
city gale
my eyes sting
red, my lungs
are screaming
a pack of dogs

strangers can’t see
the wind whipping
through me
killing the animal
that learnt how to love
and live in these streets


at night (10 Aug 2011)

13 Oct

at night I can hear the stream
it pulls me back
no matter where I go
in my head

in my head
there is always the swirl and froth
or languid passing
of liter and debris

everything is on a journey
over clouds, we try to fly
always the sunrise disappears
or never ends

when I leave, when I leave
I hear my thumping heart
I feel my beating head
at night

if the stream were to stop talking
the ocean would know
its death

melt down (01 Aug 2011)

7 Oct

I stuff a scarf into my mouth
and a pillow into my face
I don’t want to alarm the neighbours

everything is wet by the end

uncertainty (13 March 2011)

23 Aug

I am standing
on the precipice

the tidal wave is slower
than you think
but the momentum

the momentum … how is it
that chaos sounds so deep
like the earth

the earth shifted
into a completely new

I remember the first time
death met me –
losing a best friend

can make a religion crumble
and all prayers

_________ (07 July 2011)

16 Aug

emptiness is my heart

enormous is my emptiness

once loved (07 July 2011)

16 Aug

please touch me
and remember
we once loved

you walk away (07 July 2011)

16 Aug

why do you tread so lightly
in that direction
and I so heavily?

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