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I can see you (7 Dec 2011)

24 Jan

today I praise you, I am humbled by you
in your unconscious way, you saw
what must be done
that the two of us, that husbandwife team
could no longer sustain
our own journey
to become
whole and complete

you saw in that unconscious way
two spirits who had outlived
each other
our karma was gone
(did I hurt you this bad last time?)
our need to dream
became less important
than our need to wake up

in this way, I can see you


hurts (10 March 2011)

30 Apr

you want to know what hurts me?

it’s those masks you wear
it is your definition of naked

it is the blinkers on your eyes
your rose-tinted glasses

it’s the number of veils you wear
and won’t let me lift

it’s the escaping out of your body
when I need you here

it’s not believing a lotus
can grow out of mud

What is my exile?
It is this!

this is me (28 May 2010)

29 Jun

I am happy
  so happy

what a wonder to be here

acorns and roots
starting under the brightness
light comes my way

  shy away
  not ready
  (not ready)

it’s happening again
sun rising
  sun rising

like dawn always told me
just to stand strong
it’s that kind of life

where light comes my way

I am happy
  so happy

what a wonder to be here

I’m getting use to the view

I can’t stand at the bottom no more
it’s all growing
into the height and light

reaching for me
light comes my way

this is me
this is me
this is me

oh what a wonder
  to be

a common view on love (22 Oct 2009)

24 Jan

stayed love, entrenched love
common love grown in the
backyard with the cherry
  tomatoes and mushrooms

and when the sun asks
are you living fully
and totally as your seed

is this garden nourishing
a food chain of banquets
  and expressions that can flower
and pollinate whoever’s breath passes by

what will you say…
does the garden wall
  need moving
or do you wish to uproot it all?

mountain desert (27 July 2007)

4 Aug

in the middle of a desert
where time has forgotten
  the ground

weathered from every
  elemental layer
to leave a heart

to leave a heart
hard earth
red fire rock

from and to (4 July 2007)

25 Jul

snake skins and butterfly wings
dropping petals (evolve)

tree lines
impart your strength
and I will give you my

praise (song)
mountained valleys
deep green ravines

bowing presence of leaves
and leaves and rushing
wind, tall ever

green, ever here as a breath
saluting the fountain
of parchment and pen

of God and Knowledge
they are one (visionary)
my gift

from and to

the voice outside
our quiet, the voice inside
my silence

detachment: from self (10 April 2007)

18 Jul

these clothes I wear
somewhat like my personality
a layer to field away

un-opened and under-exposed
try something new!

ponder not; speak!
censor not; yell!
try misrepresenting over and over

until you get it right
learn the language of
heat and frustration

contained specifically in
the presence of now
the presence of raw

learn her vibrations
take these as
gowns and scarves and gloved

hand on heart
for this is the truest personality
you own

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