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I hear the mother’s heartbeat (27 Oct 2011)

9 Dec

I hear the mother’s heartbeat
it is the background noise of every life
and with us always

I hear the mother’s heartbeat
it is the birth space, the lush embrace
the fecund warm breath

I hear the mother’s heartbeat
it is ochre, it is sunset,
it is marigold, desert, Uluru, the red planet

I hear the mother’s heartbeat
the tribal drums, the call to hunt
the prey offering itself, the knowing
the acknowledging, the sacrifice

I hear the mother’s heartbeat
her serenity, her surrender, her dignity,
her grace

I hear the mother’s heartbeat
when her own death is felt
before she dies

I hear the mother’s heartbeat
she is the still point in every night sky
she is the nowhere to go
she is the ceasing fluctuations of mind

she is quiet … she is quiet
she is ever more
she is ever-present

her love is her death
her fragile opening
her tender watering

her love is her body
her home in darkness
her fingers touching the almost in her life

her love is the offering
she offers her best
back to heaven

the pre-born said she would
depart before she arrived

now she is the mother’s heartbeat

it is the mother that holds you and me
she is that background

that pushes us back into life


emptied (April 21 2011)

23 Apr

last night
my temple got emptied
pictures and figureheads
sacred and mundane

guidebooks, souvenirs
the cushioned seat
the writing paper
every dream

when the wind rushed in
it found only pipes
and organs
      and a chant

a chant that spun
it spun the way the moon spins
the way a candle flickers
the way a group of woman call

and the wind stole that echo too
lifting it, lifting it

and my temple was empty of all sound

can I be your blood (24 March 2011)

29 Mar

you pushed me away
so I closed the door
behind me
  and locked it

you said nothing new to me
I’d heard it all before
I heard it when the door
  was open
and I heard it again
from inside the cage


you know, I took myself
down to the river
I rescued the baby from the reeds
I gave a new life
  to my life

so that I could come be
  your still pond


I didn’t do it
so that you could turn around
and say this is my experience – yours
is coming

I did it to ready me
in the purest way I knew how
to be your sister
and auntie
to the magic of a bean


I want to be there

and say; I remember the day you were born


I want to know my sister
in strength
and in the fierce blood
  of her own

I want to see you belong –
to see you ground your DNA on earth
to meet the part of you
that connects you
  to the mountain

and know
in the shadow of that
majestic belonging

that I also belong


blood is thicker than water
  it is true
      I am not your true blood

which is why, this water I offered
was the sweetest I could
the purest source I could find
and the stillest
  of reflections

to match the blood of yours


this is the blood I share with you

The Oil Spill (17 July 2010)

27 Aug

Perhaps my body knows this better than I
an intelligence outside
my mind, yet electric in proximity
an eloquent story teller
who crafts the motif with the material
at hand; like skin, troubled
blistered in fact, psoriasis
hitting a funk
the autoimmune hitting a funk
like it’s cool to stay out
to all hours of the morning
instant gratification?
over indulging?
a sensitive thing, skin
aggravated easily by environmental
friction, sweat and stress

My body tells the story
better than I; how the oil spill
seeps up my leg
unobliged to stay skin-deep
and coming from somewhere
deep and desperate
a silver sheen
breaking into pieces
breaking skin like silent explosions
and the marshland could be affected
the spawning grounds could be affected
the fragile wetlands could be affected
and I want compensation
for buying these genes
and I want someone to be accountable
for getting us all addicted

My body knows this better than I
this earth is a living organism too
and we share pain
like we share needles and drills
digging for more
surveying a treasure
like a one-night-stand
offering sticking plasters
for a soul
and spilling oil for attention
like a carefully orchestrated revolution

Laura (22 May 2010)

29 Jun

We found our healing in each other
As my pain begins, in mid sob
your name whispers in my ear
  Laura! Go to her!

We sit with each other
in the hour my heart bled raw
and your body doubled over
in a loss of every known freedom

through our most vulnerable moments
I learn to watch your strength
take hold, always always believing
in your own resilience

  your own power

I was sent to breathe
the same air of someone
who embodies and lives
the belief: I AM WORTHY

It is the message I need
for my deepest and greatest growth
You transform me
  with your essence

  I love you dearly

I always believe in you
I am only shining You back at yourself
I am as clear as I can be
  so as not to distort our reflection

Without any effort, we radiate
  our serenity, peace and love
to all those around us
This is our greatest healing

liver sounds (31 Jan 2008)

28 Feb

I have come from
the pit of an aboriginal
fire dance, in spirit

it is a healing
where I make the sound
of my liver

it comes in an out pouring
of breath
from a belly that’s never

exhaled. First it is tribal
pulsing muscles banging the drum
throat vibrating to its own echo

it’s magical and unexplored
I am prompted again
find the sound of your liver

a raspy wheezy hiss and hag
escape, I have jumped into the fire
burning the witch

It’s not a willing exit either
whatever it is
that’s channelling through

my throat irritates the sound
bitters the sound
angers the sound

this body is finding expression
and release as the balance
for healing and consciousness

Heart chakra (11 Feb 2010)

16 Feb

I need to start again, in Byron Bay
I want to live in Grace, she is spontaneous
And bewildering

And so intently creative. An opportunist
Where I can help write a book;
Living Well with Chronic Illness

(anyone who lives in the illusions
of suffering feels this
as the ultimate chronic illness)

So I fall and fall and fall
Into Grace, she is, by definition
More than I can ever ask for

Love comes in the form of healing
Healing comes in the form of love
I am dancing again

Under new stars
In a place circled on the earth
By god for me

I forgive you God

And I open the largest scar
in the heart of my known cosmos
like Uluru, it is a sacred walk

by men in their own journey into freedom
and I let go to the divine
it is a surrender like a snake dropping its skin

no longer needed, too dull perhaps
for the colourful funeral
of suffering

(pain lives on her own now)

I am in a different relationship to life
I love without boundaries
Flowing into the Holy Trinity

Of Love Triangles
I know this is my lesson (be compassionate)
Because last time I tore my soul into pieces

This time; it is clear
That honesty must guide this crazy path
No matter the cost

  What is more healing
  Than loving the best and worst in someone
  And calling ourselves Sweetheart?

Yes, Grace is compassionate
And adventurous. She invites me
to India, pay attention, she says

and say Yes

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