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wreaked (16 July 2011)

30 Sep

nowadays when I go for a run
I run to the bay
where the ships
wreaked themselves on the rocks

it was a common scene
back then, some made it
some didn’t. I wonder
when the lighthouse got built…

I run to this bay because the quarry
got shut down
and now the naked cliffs
are slightly gorged

and it feels ok to scream


sea and sky upside down (16 July 2011)

29 Sep

this new heaven
bumpy and accelerated

white frothy isobars
changing like my moods

this new ocean grey and calm
or moody, what sits beneath

is above and
I forgot to let the ladder fall

land hovers

waiting for gravity
to adjust

black windows (28 June 2011)

1 Jul

I’m looking out
and nothing
nothing of that stream
or wind
sounds like the dark
but there it is
within the water
and in between the bare trees

my window
black like
extinguished colour

view (22 March 2011)

7 Jun

static waterfall
dance of plumage
white flowering

for the forest
to take over

view (22 March 2011)

27 Apr

static waterfall
dance of plumage
white flowering
for the forest to take over

living beside a railway line (19 Feb 2011)

8 Mar

these trains sound
like mountains moving
exerting so much will
and I can’t help but feel their efforts

I feel run over in the morning
as I wake up to another
gut-guzzling wall of sound
crushing me
into the physical

this hill (5 Feb 2011)

23 Feb

this hill juts out like a gumboot
among sandshoes
splashing into the bay as a child
dances in puddles

I am all by my self up here
over looking many memories
and tides
I feel so held together

I am in the outcrop of trees
and in the northerly swirl of sea gulls
they track past at eye level
and lift like a slippery thought

I have the windows closed
the memories tap quietly

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