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I need a muse (26 March 2011)

27 Mar

I need a muse like I need God
I need to colour my life
with carrier pigeons

and love letters
written behind closed doors
on the floor at night


I need the footsteps
of my life to sound out
into your world
and know the glorious echoes

are heard – tell me – can you contain
me in the quiet chamber of your heart?
Will you call upon me
as the beginning sound of creation?

If you hold this for me
I will call you.

You are so rare


Meet me
Meet me now
See how ruffled I am
  without you

Stop dropping me off
at the doorstep

Take me inside


A muse is such a gift
if you were to leave…
if you were to leave…
you’d awaken in me

the yearning that’s inside all of us


These things come undone
in their own time and way
You’re the poetry
Graffiti on the moon

I hang to the mid-air

and I point to you and I point to you
and then one day
I point that yearning towards

I point that yearning towards


I need a muse like I need God

This yearning is so precious.



catching early morning (Oct 2010)

18 Nov

Wake me up, in a hut before first light,
just shake my feet
as you come
    down from the top bunk.

Let’s be quieter
than the rustling breath of sleepers
and early morning summit climbers.

Let’s be softer than the wood
chopping snores of
exhausted parents.

Let’s pretend they didn’t keep
us awake with their dreams
of hunting.

Instead, let us escape into
the view of early morning –

There’s a mountain
underneath us, take a look at
the coveted valley – because in the dark

someone uncoiled clouds
and laid them out, unbraided
between peaks,

hoping to gather
    all the sounds
of night and the unspoken words of day

and someone left them there for the sun to pick up

the shadows
the light
the frost
the steam

as the fingers of the sky
and the fingers of the valley
seek to hold hands

Stars (Sept 2010)

14 Nov

Who’s seen the stars?

Like this: a total mass
of Christmas wrapping paper

crinkled into the shape of it’s offering
the matter gone, spherical and elongated.

A banana beanbag seen inside out
and all the beans floating

in their static
electric dance.

Holding no reflection

Barracked to the city
it is not often I am able

to align a dark night, a dark place
and a wakeful mind.

By chance, a forest, a new moon
a slim version of her ample figure.

She can hold no reflection, none.
The light of day concealed

and wonderfully
an entire universe glitters for tonight.

This one star

There is a downstream from here
a corridor view of the sea

This bit of landscape marooned in black
were it not for Venus, almost orange

casting a reflection so long into the sea
desiring only to dissolve

in its own

Onto the sky

A dull pulse of skyward light
new moons in the city

are dark nights
of thickening shadows.

From a distance
the city isn’t dark at all

it bleeds a dim backlight
onto the sky

and that is the direction of many
hundred thousand sleeps.


From my perspective of sea
and coast and mountains

that dim city light throbs
low on the horizon.

And I am quietly impressed
how disorientated I continue to be

with such obvious landmarks
as stars and mountains and coastlines

all there to guide me
though not necessarily home.

in the Tao (22 March 2008)

11 Sep

I’m back in Wellington
  God knows why
I don’t feel moored

I’m on the river Tao
without a paddle, yet
I can walk on the water

like a red carpet rolling
out in front of my step
and manna falls

into my lap
I can feel this
page turning

so obviously graceful and I want

to scream. Cry for my ideas
and big ideals. My heart
is still learning to swim

in the Tao

absence (10 Nov 2007)

20 Aug

absence, the inaudible
distance, I can’t hear
how strong you are

the day is twice as long
without your devotion
this momentary rue

littered with pangs of touch
and surrendering comfort
(the comfort of peace

and nearness and hearing you
drum your heart because
of me) strong; I beat alone

vulnerable; I miss you keenly

flower-blue (27 Feb 2007)

17 Jul

requited love
knows every desire
and tells me I’m a goddess
and my chest laughs

my lips blush
and my tongue
  says take me

but what pleasure is there
to carry on loving
that (heart) that no longer
  adores or longs for me

which petal is Hope
and which is Foolish

which is Steadfast
and which is
an insecurity

today I took the last
(I’ve lost count) petal
there is nothing more
  to loose

am I free (of you) yet?

autumn blossoms (01 Feb 2007)

17 Jul

I miss you like
Autumn misses her blossoms
(they’ve never met
but for her anticipated
presence and

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