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my place (11 Dec 2010)

14 Feb

the wind has a beat
the house a drone
the birds use it as a blackboard

we sit on the floor as students


I wonder (3 Feb 2010)

8 Feb

and I wonder
what it means to play the game
what it means to know my name

what it means to be found
and I wonder
how it feels

to be seen as it is
in life that combines
our dreams to real life

and I wonder how it feels
to be an open mind
to send and receive

with clear pure line
how the channel speaks my name
how the earth spends my time

how the sky sets the stars
to remind me of my way

walk with me, alone (7 Jan 2010)

26 Jan

wake up she calls
she calls me forward
see what I can create, with you
in a twilight thought for rest
in your power to manifest

walk with me alone

see with your soles
  touching me
naked toes resting and kissing
  the earth
lightly caress the air of existence
lightly feel my insistence

walk with me alone

for you, simply you
rest your mind, leave it behind
as a ripple on a still lake
leave it behind
and descend into my womb of creation
let me know your elation

walk with me alone

you know how sacred I am
you kneel and bow to my tree
you lie in my roots, hearing my hum
I AM Great Mother Earth
You are singing and remembering this
  magical birth

walk with me alone

empty me (7 Nov 2009)

25 Jan

watch me disappear
  body, mind, soul
under a cascading
  cacuera (waterfall)

a deep spring drowning
to start again
all over
and empty me

empty me
empty me
empty me

watch me disappear
  body, mind, soul
aching to be freed
to follow the light up there

fill me up
  bring new light
new love for this heart
and empty me

a piece of you (1 Nov 2009)

24 Jan

everything I see
to the One

it’s freedom to be here
it’s freedom to be seen
  like music following
  it’s heart

there’s no story anymore
everything has past
there’s gonna be space
  to float

there’s grace on board
always has been
  music following it’s heart

a piece of you
is connecting everything
I see to the One

there are countless stars
countless miracles
  that scar

how I got here
  took many life times
these days I’m connecting
they all belong to the One

a piece of you is part
of that infinite

I designed it in heaven
I know it off by heart

and now
I’m connecting everything
I see to the One

Yes a piece of you
made this story come true
a piece of you stays
  in my heart

I’ll be yours (31 Oct 2009)

24 Jan

I’ll be yours
till the end falls away
I’ll be yours

there’s a shadow in truth
trying to find
the pure light of us

our highest self is calling
come be with me

come play in the garden
the sun in shining
and I need you

I need you in light
  shining on my shadows
shine on my shadow
it’s a long journey
  but I’ll be yours

sometimes I’m gonna hide
sometimes I’m gonna cry
there’s a thorn
there’s a barbed word hangin round

it’s not easy to be glorious
  and graceful in the light
shining on my shadows
shine on my shadow

and I need us in the light
I will be

Till the end falls away

sing my lightly (11 Jun 2009)

9 Jan

you life me lightly
you’re an eyelash
smiling at me

you’re the weight
of a missing tooth
giggling when free

you’re a merry-go-round
the highest there’s ever been

you fill me to the top
so grace fully
like an angle wing

hanging out
sing me lightly

sing with me

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