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love is so naturally (March 2008)

5 Sep

you and I are not needed
to form any love story
the romance is larger

and love is a present
to any open heart;
it is without ties and

anchors, only you, in your eyes
you have forgotten

that love is
so naturally, gracefully
here, I can see

in your eyes
you overlook
(can I show you?)

the watering can
the sun umbrella
the love in every thing


the way (17 Sept 2007)

11 Aug

it is charming to say the least
the way my mind behaves
one day in your presence

away from you
my mind scatters
the way rain splatters clear waters

the way a mirror fogs up
the way wind whips the leaves
the way dusk sets in and mosquitoes start biting

the way sleep runs away
the way a fever takes hold
the way I let myself be miserable

(this is not love)

thoughts on boundaries (10 April 2007)

18 Jul

Fingers are the sensual
Line across
Friendship borders

Tongues are the sexual
Exploration through
Uncharted waters

spa night (10 April 2007)

18 Jul

bare summer arms
wrap round mid drift hips
and tummies
spa-pruned toes
splash and giggle for hours

detachment: of outcome (10 April 2007)

18 Jul

I care too much
how he will respond
a kiss too risky

for a friendship?
(yes I want more)
there’s no freedom

with this attachment
I’m loosing
my heart

over Nothing

flower-blue (27 Feb 2007)

17 Jul

requited love
knows every desire
and tells me I’m a goddess
and my chest laughs

my lips blush
and my tongue
  says take me

but what pleasure is there
to carry on loving
that (heart) that no longer
  adores or longs for me

which petal is Hope
and which is Foolish

which is Steadfast
and which is
an insecurity

today I took the last
(I’ve lost count) petal
there is nothing more
  to loose

am I free (of you) yet?

do I love harder (27 Feb 2007)

17 Jul

do I love harder
  try harder
  dance harder
into my soul
upon this silent rock I want

make this easy!
isn’t that when it’s

why when I fall in
  love and madness
can I think this is

surely you would love
  me as strongly
(I’d feel the sun all
  over me)

instead the glory I bathe
  is in you
this lovely madness
seems too hard now
  in your silence

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