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one animal (5 Feb 2011)

23 Feb

he was lying on the couch
a bolster under his knees
she was straddled on top
like a baby wrapped to his mother’s heart

they were resting
maybe she was crying
into the nap of his neck
but in there I saw an effortless

collapsed and held in the same gesture
they were the weave of one body
they lay merged before passion

resting as a union of mind
I walked past
and my cells reached out
into that empty


for the intimacy under my body
for my body to collide
in that way, to stop
and swallow his heartbeat

as milk
to feel our bellies
breathing as one animal
breathing as one animal

I felt the gap
the missing breath of my own
and the animal that I am

for we have not breathed as one

we have not bled
as one animal


the deepest you’ve ever been (1 Nov 2009)

24 Jan

you think you forgive
you think it ten thousand times
and say it aloud, a ritual
  of meaning

you think it complete and
true in your heart – I forgive
  you – it’s sincere, punctured
into so many prayers. You think
  you forgive.

Only, you know how every real
  estrangement feels
in every second of every prayer
how a lid contains the real pain

  that God is separate from me
  that Love is divided from me

this is the deepest you’ve ever been

because somewhere
  in one of those prayers
you find yourself

vulnerability that needn’t
  surrender because
  there’s nothing left
  to give or loose

you find yourself
  sad and worthless
  and shrivelling
in wonder at how much
  you deny

  God and love
and light and grace
and in that prayer
you find forgiveness is

  a by-product, an accident
that happens in love
  an accident destined
before you ever knew to ask

a piece of you (1 Nov 2009)

24 Jan

everything I see
to the One

it’s freedom to be here
it’s freedom to be seen
  like music following
  it’s heart

there’s no story anymore
everything has past
there’s gonna be space
  to float

there’s grace on board
always has been
  music following it’s heart

a piece of you
is connecting everything
I see to the One

there are countless stars
countless miracles
  that scar

how I got here
  took many life times
these days I’m connecting
they all belong to the One

a piece of you is part
of that infinite

I designed it in heaven
I know it off by heart

and now
I’m connecting everything
I see to the One

Yes a piece of you
made this story come true
a piece of you stays
  in my heart

silence tolling (27 Nov 2007)

20 Aug

deep, deep within
every raindrop
is Surrender

to plunge (in truth;
it is her natural course)
as is the falling, gliding veil

that softly envelops earth
and sky and holds
a still wind in suspension

deep within the space
of every pitter-patter
on the tin roof

I hear the vast
silence of our

(tis motion, and…)

silence tolling
and expanding
in life, in love

in everything I am
and in everything
I am not

surrender (27 Nov 2007)

20 Aug

thighs, hips, breasts
hands on heart, open
tears gliding
smoothly down

gentle soft togetherness
flow a breath apart
belly flopping into each
other, tongues dancing
the slow heart beat of


time stops on our lips
vast universe in your eyes
plunging, I am met
delighting in a simple
open heart, surrendering to love

centre (04 Oct 2007)

14 Aug

the centre is always
right here, the centre always was
here. It’s just me

that insisted it must be contained
within my spiritual high
and when that dissolves, when

I am gone
right here is every instant
the I am

is the centre
is motionless
(is within motion)

everything is an expression
of the centre
that can not be contained

to brazil (23 March 2007)

18 Jul

I’m going to Brazil
sings my spirit
and instantly my body sheds

I am nowhere
I am outside inside
upside downside

formless faceless
full body flush

orgasm my spirit says join
me in brazil
let it begin let it begin

I chant
letting go of my every

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