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tiles (04 May 2007)

24 Jul

tiles at Embassy Theatre. Looks like a puppy.foremost
Honesty and her long
  nails pick
a tile by tile
and tessellate
a certain placement
for the telling

these tiles
conveying space and
hiding the denial
an incomplete
  tale; directed then this
  to run its course


night riding (03 May 2007)

24 Jul

Night time passenger, Newtown Wellingtonyesterday (again
I keep coming back
to this – what a

difference one day
I found the shiny

lights of romance
and looking off to

one side – or behind
where it is dark
I effectively missed

a heart-on crash

limes (02 May 2007)

24 Jul

limestangy greens
squeezed for rich
  flavours in tow

bristling now
its juice spent
and tongues hanging out

panting it seems like
a wet dog sharing
the river plunge with all

around, these are
discarded flavours of
  a good evening

fountain (01 May 2007)

24 Jul

oriental bay fountain, wellingtonlast night I asked
when her wind would
fly my cause

should I ride into
her, would I notice
her advicement
her nudges

or her testing
  wind spray
to be sure there is
  a difference

café terrace at night (30 Apr 2007)

24 Jul

Courtney Place, Wellington. A rainy eveningneon star light
flood and saturate
café scene and

her warm heater
a modern
  starry night

with transparent
footpath; whetted

empty house (29 Apr 2007)

24 Jul

empty houseonce I sat, with
paper clips and photo
negatives and albums matching

our holidays and tramps
and fancy dress parties
taken in this room

once I bathed
books and writing
paper and diaries and love letters

spreading out years and
countries together
in this very patch

in this very empty house
there’s no butterflies
left in my stomach

no sunlit cushions
to soften how this is
so very unsettling

since it rained (28 Apr 2007)

24 Jul

outside my bedroom window  been a long while
of strain when you
finally stopped nursing my
bedroom window shut

  you saw me
unhappy and designed
responsibility for breaking
my god, those are heavy

  tears she cries you say
and hide, do you fly
a flag of peace?

it’s been a long time since
  it rained
(since I talked to you)

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