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that feeling (4 Aug 2010)

27 Aug

as if a dream
  were needed
you wake up
  a tender certainty
pressing all around you
because you touched
the essence of your life
the oldest Love

embraces you
oh it’s too much to
  ever want to let go
it fills
  it sates
it is complete and life
  takes you away
on a journey

  to the twelve weather stations
and you’ve passed
  the usefulness of these
recordings and predictions
  you leave, still
knowing that tender touch
and a long ago voice
asks, can I join you?

‘no’ you reply
for you have outgrown
even that voice
filled with useful
advice and offering
  a short cut

you walk
  and wake
you walk and you wake
remembering that embrace
what dimension of love
is pulling you?


self persists (14 May 2009)

18 Dec

I found that vast dot
as a Nothing surrounded
by my inside out

thoughts, kind of bouncing
off a non-existent boundary
like an expression of lovers

surrendering to a vast whole
that can never let me fall
and I am there, in the middle

do I pretend I don’t exist?
how does that dropping away
thought annihilate

itself; drown or burn or simply
the attention brings a flurry

of thoughts, concepts, ideas
  my self
examining this moment as a dot

because still this self persists

I’m in love (30 June 2008)

11 Sep

every cell is singing Yes
every morning is starting
in your arms

and carries a fresh
touch like you never
left, like your fingers

forgot to sleep in
and a dream forgot
to wake

(too delicious, yes)
and with the curtain half
drawn and half yawning

at the peaking sun
the dawn and the nest
blanket our shoulders and

hips, lying bear. we are
more open than open
more water than a flood

can bear, so moves this body
and mine, entwined
only my cells left singing

a life-giving YES
yes …

I’m so glad I found us
I’m so pleased you found us
I’m in love, we found us

hermit (16 Dec 2007)

22 Aug

in the most populous
place and in the fire of
dead night

the orange robe emerges
and wraps to my body
Glory Alone

take me to the centre of
my own Hermit
the ascetic of light

and wisdom, and when
all shadows pass
round the drumming circle

and beat jubilant Death
I find the jewel of a transformed
Acquaintance, the Inner

Now guides
me into devotion
and into this boundless self

the new day (27 Sept 2007)

11 Aug

I am the mystery in the core
the penultimate line in the story
that story in the middle of the play

covering the span of all births
I am not the restricted sense of
memory that shows above ground

as iconic landmarks in the myths of
me and my creation, I am
memorial, songlines passing

around us like hash that holds
a circle
together and whispers truths

and sweetness of freedom
I am the smoke of Evaporation
into the midst of darkness

signalling a new being
(that of my creation)
signalling a readiness to be …

calling my equal (26 Sept 2007)

11 Aug

I travel within and
to be deeply vulnerable

and every soul on this path
will touch my exposed

deeply, I radiate
adventure and ask
my equal to join

his fire to my earth
compassion to our passion
and sing always our joy

winter tree (17 Sept 2007)

11 Aug

the fullness that winter
is returning to the very root

of my own self
returning to the seed
it contains the whole truth

the full potential and
opens to the core.
The tree that loses its leaves

has no desire to rake
them back to her
Glorious Naked Self

hold your many arms wide
and quiver!
Embrace everything!

essential and basic, this is my
Winter Tree
offering only what is needed

to climb into consciousness
freely to be

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