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hurts (10 March 2011)

30 Apr

you want to know what hurts me?

it’s those masks you wear
it is your definition of naked

it is the blinkers on your eyes
your rose-tinted glasses

it’s the number of veils you wear
and won’t let me lift

it’s the escaping out of your body
when I need you here

it’s not believing a lotus
can grow out of mud

What is my exile?
It is this!


I do not know god (28 March 2011)

5 Apr


why would this soul
send me out
in disguise
so that no one
can recognise me!

I will not let you go (04 Mar 2011)

16 Mar

I want you to decide now
before it’s too late
before a mighty sign is needed
I want you to decide
now, live or die

Be one hundred percent whatever
you choose

But you should know
if you fly from this earth
as you keep practicing each morning

I will be holding you
as your root
as your kite string in full
gale, as the yacht in full sail
I will be holding you

and I will not let you go
I will be more fierce
than the storm you summoned
to take you

I will not let you go.

fear in living (7 July 2010)

10 Jul

he says; there is more fear in living
like one atom, one chromosome
slid away from Everything
and in this, he lost a crucial memory

and if the last breath were to resolve
as a chant resolves into nothingness
like a dying cinder of unity
and placed between his lips

and if he were told, this breath
in, or the absence of, holds the secret
of all connections, how fragile it is then
to live not knowing

how frightening to forget
he was ever connected
nor knowing if ever he will be again
in this life time

seeing my pain (20 March 2010)

29 Jun

wheel turning, thoughts circling
I am the intention of this body
the definition outside the dark and vast

water, turning a continent into its own
waterfall, turning a vast eye
towards me in destiny

dissolve me, merge me
these boundaries cut into my skin
disconnection is uncomfortable

speaking truth (31 Dec 2007)

28 Feb

this pain is the pain of Separation
the question that expands all
that asks us to enquire

  who is watching you
   feel all this
so quickly empties my mind

my mind does not ask
I put it to my heart
and it reaches out

  and finds nothing

it returns home from
  an empty land
and finds no peace

as I speak it, I feel only
agitation at how much
  is untouched by words

nothing I say comes close
  to Truth

deep (14 Jan 2010)

26 Jan

I am profoundly affected
only you don’t know
  you didn’t know

something deep inside
  detangles itself – collapses

you are toning, low earth notes
you are gifting Earth Mother’s
  vibration into my heart

I feel so … Held
  held in touch
  held in safe surrender

to the space existing between
  our bellies
  and own hearts’ opening

you are toning and I am in
  deep surrender, thank you
  for holding the space open

only … you don’t know
nothing has sounded from
  my lips, nothing is happening

in front of you, and you pull
  away, feeling unmet, feeling
I am holding on or holding back

an impatient stirring pulls you
  and in that movement
I am birthed and abandoned

I am shockingly naked
disorientated by aloneness
  something went wrong

  I am separate
  I am cold and burnt
  I am wombless

all agony surfaces
and I cry, loud and
  belly felt

I am a sight which you hold
You circle me again
The way Earth Mother always is

and I am rebirthed

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