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I do (21 June 2011)

21 Jun

what lies down
as a part of me

lies down tonight
as a part with you

yet all that changes
as I die and live on the breath
of I do

all that changes
is the rose-fire

finding its course
and signalling to all earth
all heaven

that life is worth
my whole soul to

I die and live on the breath
of I do


can I be your blood (24 March 2011)

29 Mar

you pushed me away
so I closed the door
behind me
  and locked it

you said nothing new to me
I’d heard it all before
I heard it when the door
  was open
and I heard it again
from inside the cage


you know, I took myself
down to the river
I rescued the baby from the reeds
I gave a new life
  to my life

so that I could come be
  your still pond


I didn’t do it
so that you could turn around
and say this is my experience – yours
is coming

I did it to ready me
in the purest way I knew how
to be your sister
and auntie
to the magic of a bean


I want to be there

and say; I remember the day you were born


I want to know my sister
in strength
and in the fierce blood
  of her own

I want to see you belong –
to see you ground your DNA on earth
to meet the part of you
that connects you
  to the mountain

and know
in the shadow of that
majestic belonging

that I also belong


blood is thicker than water
  it is true
      I am not your true blood

which is why, this water I offered
was the sweetest I could
the purest source I could find
and the stillest
  of reflections

to match the blood of yours


this is the blood I share with you

songs end

29 Jun

You and I adore each other
we will always meet heart
to heart what ever distance
comes and goes

I love how you are touched
by my words and how you cry
for the love that aches
to be expressed

And you remember the stillness and clarity
in our connection, and wonder
how the communion between your heart
and head ever stole your attention

It’s all so clear; a deep knowing
of what is to be done and accepting
the innate struggle that threatens
to tear you in two

In the moment after my song
  before we open our eyes and look
into each other’s hearts
we are transformed

My heart is exposed and you
fill it with utter acceptance
Your heart is open and I
fly in so glad to be there

it is a little moment
where we are transformed
like the old and new of us
sit together in total recognition

your presence (22 May 2010)

29 Jun

I am honoured by your presence
you are shining my brightness
back to me
and I would love to hold on

You are only here for a moment
because your light, your clear mirror
is needed for special purposes
and because you know

it is your destiny to follow
this yearning to the ends of the earth
(and back again)

The deepest compassion exists
for your journey. For the struggle
that opens before you
of belonging

I can hold the turnings of your heart
and mind in my heart
because I know it will pass
I know you will pass

And I know there’s no wrong decision
only what is present
And this is all I can
reflect back to you

Laura (22 May 2010)

29 Jun

We found our healing in each other
As my pain begins, in mid sob
your name whispers in my ear
  Laura! Go to her!

We sit with each other
in the hour my heart bled raw
and your body doubled over
in a loss of every known freedom

through our most vulnerable moments
I learn to watch your strength
take hold, always always believing
in your own resilience

  your own power

I was sent to breathe
the same air of someone
who embodies and lives
the belief: I AM WORTHY

It is the message I need
for my deepest and greatest growth
You transform me
  with your essence

  I love you dearly

I always believe in you
I am only shining You back at yourself
I am as clear as I can be
  so as not to distort our reflection

Without any effort, we radiate
  our serenity, peace and love
to all those around us
This is our greatest healing

meeting Elisete (11 Oct 2009)

24 Jan

I can remember so timidly
knocking on the door
hoping all hope
I would recognise
the face on the other side

I’m a small child in a big city
I don’t speak this tongue
the adventure began
the moment I knocked

I remember the door opening
a shot of anguish set my face
Who is this? And she smiles
she smiles the welcomes
of a thousand languages

I am enamoured, taken within her
large smile, her large embrace,
she is freedom and passion
she flies off every night
she flies home every morning
she aids my dreams in night and day

I only faintly knew then, how much
I needed to meet her, how she opened
the light in my heart, an inch more
more into truth she nudges me


Elesete; you came at the precise moment
I needed you
every journey into your heart
has opened mine further. You
are surely my most timely
most brimming angel, bringing me
home to your heart and family

holding my heart when it emptied
and filling it again with joy
I breathe pure in your garden
eyes, I awake to your dawn
gaze, so bright and I can only
say Thank You for shining over me

dancing woman (27 Sept 2007)

11 Aug

dancing woman
in the darkness of
separation uniting
earth under our rising souls

dancing woman
in each of us
a guest, like the sun
rising luscious and delicious

dancing woman
opening our arms
to full moon rituals
and wilderness howls

dancing woman
free that I am
embracing every star
that lights my path

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