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that feeling (4 Aug 2010)

27 Aug

as if a dream
  were needed
you wake up
  a tender certainty
pressing all around you
because you touched
the essence of your life
the oldest Love

embraces you
oh it’s too much to
  ever want to let go
it fills
  it sates
it is complete and life
  takes you away
on a journey

  to the twelve weather stations
and you’ve passed
  the usefulness of these
recordings and predictions
  you leave, still
knowing that tender touch
and a long ago voice
asks, can I join you?

‘no’ you reply
for you have outgrown
even that voice
filled with useful
advice and offering
  a short cut

you walk
  and wake
you walk and you wake
remembering that embrace
what dimension of love
is pulling you?


Laura (22 May 2010)

29 Jun

We found our healing in each other
As my pain begins, in mid sob
your name whispers in my ear
  Laura! Go to her!

We sit with each other
in the hour my heart bled raw
and your body doubled over
in a loss of every known freedom

through our most vulnerable moments
I learn to watch your strength
take hold, always always believing
in your own resilience

  your own power

I was sent to breathe
the same air of someone
who embodies and lives
the belief: I AM WORTHY

It is the message I need
for my deepest and greatest growth
You transform me
  with your essence

  I love you dearly

I always believe in you
I am only shining You back at yourself
I am as clear as I can be
  so as not to distort our reflection

Without any effort, we radiate
  our serenity, peace and love
to all those around us
This is our greatest healing

palm reader (31 Dec 2007)

28 Feb

how does your guidance play out
asks my palm reader
all I can say is, I follow

my excitement, and a
confirmation will come along
– there isn’t really a sense

of right or wrong decisions;
  only the perfect choice
it is always the most appropriate

my palm reader says
I have a destiny; for you
he says, surrender to your

guidance – it is spontaneous
which is under-developed

  in the service of others
your gift will extend as you
extend your self to others

The driest scape of my heart (25 Oct 2009)

24 Jan

yesterday you granted me
permission to see
the infinite colour and texture
  of love

it didn’t come softly
  or smooth; hurt never does
a steady rain smoothes
away the grit of anger

my sharp toothed Ego slams
shut the window –
defensiveness, like full
length curtain dull the noise

it’s dark in here. A heavy
rain knocks knocks knocks
I’m worn to the core – I feel
  stripped; awkwardly naked

words hurt when I touch them
they scratch tear drops down
  my face

and I see what I am watering
has seeded in the rockiest
driest scape of my heart

the worthless soil I never
raked, for had I before –
something more than ugly
  would rise

I would declare myself
a barren lot, close the street
shut the city; don’t play here!
don’t play here …

love excluded me
  from this lie, I dig deeper
I am in a safe place

loosening the dirtiness
opening the windows
stepping out
  it’s pouring with rain outside

as I understand it
love can not stay dormant
a seed, the compressed DNA
of all my life times’ failures

  and stepping stones, of all my
ancestors’ pains and faultings
(not least of all my parents)

of all shame that I, in this
life time, buried – all these
seeds will find expression
  through love. IN love.

(please don’t confuse
these expressions with
the essence of your Being)

The essence of your Being
is shining in darker spaces
you will feel ugly
  for a time

The essence of your Being
is shining in darker spaces
because there is an equal
vibration (it is all called love)

so vast it transforms
  like a smile
all expressions of life

dance in the thunder

for this is a very good thing
that is happening to you

finding our peace (13 Oct 2009)

24 Jan

there’s something so necessary
about being in this world
  and Alone
it is the medicine I need
to be with you

it’s still a tangled messy
energy for our togetherness
our strong wills haven’t learnt
to surrender
(I speak for myself)

we are two beacons of light
that take space
that needs space
to be together

learn and shine Alone
hold this space for me
for you
this is important
(my guides tell me)

finding our peace together
will save humanity
I take this medicine willingly
to be with you in peace

a history lesson on Love II (30 Sept 2009)

24 Jan

When we don’t know any
better, it’s what guides us

When our connection to our
higher self is a lost star
in the night sky and the soul

is asking, asking quietly
behind the moon
to bring about everything as intended

What guides us, when open or
moves the fixed and established
mountains in our minds

is the wide eyes of utter attention
on me

aah, yes, that is a clue, that the world
the universe is vested and keen in my
next move

And in those blind years, the only
light is a new and inseparable

it becomes nearer than morals allow
(completely inevitable) surrendering
to this path when the cross road

appears on the Camino, at the Casa
in silent meditation, at Satsang in India
and so close to home, within my very

kitchen, I find these angles, these lovers
turning me, guiding me

All of me years to stay in Love
whatever season or reason it came

Yes, I recognise Love in my blind years
as my inseparable guide, leading me
from the heart

rough and ready (29 August 2007)

7 Aug

never did we melt and
glide as if finitely
polished gems might

in a preoccupation of
loving whispers, forgetting
to hold form and

so puddling loose
energy into a short
space of intimacy

(the loss exhausted
into a universe that has
so much already)

instead we grind
about with enough light
and heat to roughen

hidden and delicate
(forgotten and assumed)
spaces long settled in the mind

as personality, ha! it’s just
another layer to shed
crystalline beauty

roughened and ready, we are
night travellers turning
and finding our eastern light

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