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enquiry (13 March 2011)

23 Aug

ask me what’s here
and I will tell you
how naked life is


welcome the whale (20 Jan 2011)

22 Feb

It’s fast, the rhythm jaunty
there’s nothing foreign in it
but I can’t breathe
like my lungs are craving
complete submersion

and I am drowning, as a fish drowns
  in air
the pulse of life has sped up
and I have slowed

my rhythm

the more I try
  to join in
the more I
drown, the muse is pulling

I can feel another pulse
it is deep



it is the speed of sand
the texture of ocean
the ripple of one century
after another

it is a forever more wish

it is the silent pulse
the youngest throb of an ancient whale
as she holds the calm
and claims the surface

for a wandering moment
she sees me struggling

you are not of them today

and guides me
I navigate my slowness
my steadiness

I pulse languid on the radar
these small eyes
still rhythms

to those up there
I pulse alone
the surface ruffled by wind and
the chattering white waves

aah but I pulse not-of-them today
   I pulse deep

digging (16 Nov 2010)

14 Feb

Yesterday I thought peace
lay at a depth that took
unceasing labour
to unfold

like a flower pealing back
a bulb finding light
a snake losing it’s skin

dying into a deeper shade of myself

When I went digging yesterday
I kept on uncovering
I kept on uncovering

I kept on uncovering


15 Oct

As part of Blog Action Day 2010:Water I had a go at writing a poem about water as it relates to me.

This poem is inspired by the beautiful work that Dr Masaru Emoto has done and is continuing to do.


“Water has a memory
and carries within it
our thoughts and prayers.

As you yourself are water,
no matter where you are,
your prayers will be carried
to the rest of the world”

       Dr Masaru Emoto

Here is my body
seventy percent water
that’s less than when I was born
when I was ninety percent
fluid potential

Here are my emotions
a cup for emptying
oceans like love
expressing more than one way
to live, when love is the only way

Here is my consciousness
netted into all consciousness
one ocean, many tides
one tide, one gravitation
for now

Here is my energy
subtle and vast
like the space between
me and the sky
me and my heart

Here I am
of all that I am and am not
of all that I can be
and where I chose to be

and I place myself
at my centre, offering
    love and
so many thank yous
for sending

all of this …
to me, to all beings
to all waters
to all earths

Chocolate (14 Oct 2010)

14 Oct

The following is my first attempt at writing a ‘ghazal’ – a poem in couplets. It is an Urdu word in the tradition where the author is conversing with their beloved. It was described to me as couplets that sit as pearls on a necklace, each stanza beautiful in its own right. The exercise was to *not* be particularly coherent between stanzas, offering us to leap off into the next stanza.

I wrote about my beloved as chocolate, and the battles fought and lost over this.


The label on the packaging says Enigma
Rich velvety chocolate blended with a hint of mint

A disciple in marketing should take lessons from Rumi,
Hafiz, and why not Buddha?

Christ makes you less impressionable
after fasting 40 days

But I tell you; the Truth tastes so good. It melts doubt.
All mysteries dissolve in Truth.

Should I follow Osho, he would allow my senses to touch
enlightenment. Chocolate, enigmatically, would get me there first.


I think the Buddha said something
about cravings.


Ramana Mahashi said you must want enlightenment
like a man on fire wants water. This is not a second-fiddle want.

Take my violin. Take my orchestra.
Take my audience, their families, and their families.


The Spanish Conquistadors have valuable cargo; coco nibs
spiced with chilli.

The Mayans predicted I would fall in love after all and I fall
and fall and fall and fall.

Destiny is finishing what you started and …
the falling leaf of inner peace is destined to land.


how did we come (14 Sept 2010)

22 Sep

How did we come to water,
or water come to us…
because we needed to drink, yes
but it’s drawn out like emotions, teased
into existence, because
we had to master survival,
like there’s a rhythm for us to learn.

How did we come by air,
because it’s invisible to us really
so innate, intrinsic, inherent
and yet at one point, someone said
we breath… Air. And now
we think and think
and think, like we deserve it.

How did we respond to earth
as something under us,
or in our way, or to be climbed over.
How did we skip over the grace
of our earth in a few short decades,
and not see every variation
as part of our survival.

How did we learn about fire,
watching it burst into heat
and light and roar with total
indifference, and somehow we kept
a little parcel of this sacred,
held by sacred people
to light the way.

be kind (30 Aug 2010)

8 Sep

amazing how righteous indignation
  or anger or sulking
   or brooding
can play host to such

he, you, they, them, all of the
thems so persistently
proving my mind right | proving my mind right

like I can wear a badge
saying see! I told you
so, I harden the evidence
in support of me

and so, if I want to see the
  impermanence, of my moods
of theirs, in relation to that,
I actually need to ask
for an entirely new scene

where boxes and paths and
  well trodden tracks
   don’t yet exist
to illustrate
that the kindest thing

   is nothing fixed
  to an idea or mountain
or moll hill or even
to thinking I know him
or them or anyone

because that’s real
it is the real dirty knowing
the unassumed recognition
an open bandwidth to be

and profoundly kind to my self
as a service to them
to be kind to them
                 as a service to me.

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