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versions of us (14 Sept 2010)

22 Sep

I want   to re    connect
again so that we

can know the happy
versions of us

and hang out with the happy
versions of each other

and have fun with the happy

  we have created


evangelical hearts (30 Oct 2009)

24 Jan

thank you for wishing me
well into the heart of Jesus
you remain unconvinced

I will find him, dreams
are free you say, and
believe nothing to be free

I tell you; the light and love
of every plant and animal
and stream and tree

are more disarming
in life than you will ever
allow your self to know

I can only believe
in the message of Jesus
as a life force in a movement

any movement will do
how can you disregard
all else for Him?

you wish me to know
jesus, I will you to
know freedom

and that can never be
while we think the other
is without

death by fantasy (10 Feb 2008)

4 Sep

and so when this river
is happy to go
another course

and watches as you make
your way into a dry bed, the
landmarks now point

to old memories, as if
evidence of lushness
passed through your veins

but you choose to trickle
thinly, hoping the ocean
will come in land

hoping actually that
the fishermen will
kill you quickly

this delicate thread (December 2005)

1 May

see our precious spider’s web
and love it for its beauty
in dew drops

and fine silk
symmetry and patters
we caught the silk trail

at such a delicate moment
fragile and supple
we could wear the heart of this

like jewels on our fingers
I am so proud of who came through
when we found ourselves entangled

layers and layers
first mine, and then your own
the web of our actions

and dreams to come
this delicate thread
keeps us from coming undone

once upon a time (December 2005)

1 May

when I say Once Upon a Time
it is a collection of moments
the beginnings and headstarts

(not the Now; holy and present)
We came from the past,
that which repeats and is familiar

like paralleled synchronicities

that united upon this time
and in such a manner
as to present only a single wish

from a drowning soul, you see –
when I said I made a bold beginning
my continuum split

traveling independently
in your eyes
I went off course

and blurred when you took the photo
– never can a snap shot be objective
but simply a valid memory

or interpretation
of when you thought the story began
and how it came to pass

in truth; it is a collection of moments to a desperate soul

not of the heart (December 2005)

1 May

It’s not something I wanted to hear
when you forced me to justify
the actions of my heart

I said one motivation
was the final cut
I needed to make

to ensure my own path
You question the motive
did it come from the heart?

that perhaps my brain
was concocting it’s own reality
and solutions

forcing your hand
and denying you the chance
to engage

My mind leadith
you say
our lessons learnt, stolen

your patience rewarded
instead to another
robbed, by the thief in the night

seduced by a fly by night.
These are the ambling pages
you force me to justify

the heart with words
and reasoning
that the mind can play with

but when that’s all said
there will be no clarity
to forgiveness
on this path

mind’s timing (December 2005)

30 Apr

let your mind take control
and you will obsess
about timing

surely love knows no timetables
it’s life’s breath
is of oneness and wholeness

of parallels
and synchronicities
of now and here

yet this love’s test
shows I have an impatient
heart longing for more

the paint not yet dried
and smudged in my haste
it seems

and for that
(my heart ventures)
you have been wronged

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