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wary (23 March 2011)

23 Aug

I’m exhausted
from my creations
of worthlessness


surrender (10 April 2011)

11 Jun

all I can do is move

the unknown

wary (23 March 2011)

7 Jun

I’m exhausted
from my creations
of worthlessness

summer solstice (21 Dec 2010)

14 Feb

she’s reaching for her shadow
pulling it as a veil slowly
slowly covering her shine
the veil touches her womb
and stained red
it bleeds darkness into the night

I come to see her awaken
to reflect her light
to see her silver sickle grow
and the shadow of blood wane

I see her in the water
broken cascades of silver
as each wave holds her up
as each wave rolls in

I open and she opens
a sickle turning to a basin
the basin overflowing
into the roundness of a fertile belly

the red shadow has gone
the goddess arrives
it is her time
the pink quartz crystal
softening the surrender into
our own shadow

author (26 June 2010)

10 Jul

I called it a dismantling
and there’s an angel up there
  who knows the art
  of a good drama and
she calls it a deconstruction
  of character
(or she would if she didn’t
care). You call it a
collapse and it is perfect
like beliefs are such fragile
matchsticks and flames are
hungry for space, licking
their lips as identities disappear
  specifically yours
and it’s not a safe place to be
when you want control
or even a sense of it
I hope you fall gracefully
because big trees can be very stubborn
  under new winds

taxi (11 Dec 2007)

26 Feb

my first taxi ride in India
a sleek Cuban style vintage
upbeat experimental

  bollywood sounds; loud
alas – no kitch demi gods
protection from the dash

(thou Gannesh is stuck to the windscreen)

it’s night time, I want to see
what I am doing. I am being driven
  in the middle of the road

  with the lights off – is this a game?

and then appears
  a full beam stand-off
an on-coming headlight

starts the dance
  flick dip flick dip
I am material, not ethereal

please don’t confuse the two

only one Holy Jesus passes
  my lips – I’ve decided
   blaspheming is redundant

   in a country of gods
   on every dashboard (except mine)
it is simply me calling to my childhood

God, albeit, in a state of alarm

I think I have the horn section
  figured out now
a toot does not forewarn

  warning or demands
for right of passage, not really
it is an ‘as-you-were’

it’s all pretty much
  asymmetrical chaos
playing in the gaps of

  transient light and sound

I decide from here on in
  I have no cares
I let go of my foot on the floor

  stamping into that imaginary break
there are too many details
that make up India

for me to be in control

  this trip is starting out in deep surrender

deep (14 Jan 2010)

26 Jan

I am profoundly affected
only you don’t know
  you didn’t know

something deep inside
  detangles itself – collapses

you are toning, low earth notes
you are gifting Earth Mother’s
  vibration into my heart

I feel so … Held
  held in touch
  held in safe surrender

to the space existing between
  our bellies
  and own hearts’ opening

you are toning and I am in
  deep surrender, thank you
  for holding the space open

only … you don’t know
nothing has sounded from
  my lips, nothing is happening

in front of you, and you pull
  away, feeling unmet, feeling
I am holding on or holding back

an impatient stirring pulls you
  and in that movement
I am birthed and abandoned

I am shockingly naked
disorientated by aloneness
  something went wrong

  I am separate
  I am cold and burnt
  I am wombless

all agony surfaces
and I cry, loud and
  belly felt

I am a sight which you hold
You circle me again
The way Earth Mother always is

and I am rebirthed

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