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hermit (20 April 2009)

18 Dec

I can see you are listening
by the way you hold your torch
by the way you sound

this new word, it
admonishes you
(yes, you are strong)

you feel it
as a promise to the every
self of you

what is respected in
your aloneness
is respected in every mirror

to stand in front of you
welcome your self, hermit
into this life


the universe (13 July 2008)

17 Sep

in a boundary, in a border
in crossing a time zone
in stamping a passport
there is nothing left to call
mine, nothing left

in a flag on top of a mountain
in a gold medal ceremony
in a race to the moon
there is nothing left to call
home, nothing left

in a spinning top, in a rotating globe
in an aurora blue sky, in a fireworks parade
in a heavenly constellation moving, in a line on your palm
there is nothing left to say
in words, nothing left

as above, so below
so within, as with out
here and now, as in every where and when
there is nothing left
to say, there is nothing

adjustment (13 July 2008)

17 Sep

hard to believe all
the branches and leaves
fell yesterday; toppled,

imbalanced and naked –
adjusted to further
the unadorned cause of truth

the constant dance between
a delicate perch, balanced
and centred, and the falling,

free falling wobble, so dance now
to teach, and eyes open
for every moment, regardless

what it is to retain that
inner peace, beit when
or falling
into clarity

climbing arunachalla (7 Feb 2008)

4 Sep

bare foot naked soul
walking still
and the mountain top comes

an earthly brown
centre like the molten
cosmos, rising to an early

dawn and the golden
spectacle that even
those sure footed mountain

goats pause to create
their pleasure, the devil
laughs a lusty light

procreation is a story
observance is a mountain
a seer is a bare foot naked soul

know your way (2 Jan 2008)

4 Sep

know your way as the moon
dives further and deeper
casting no shadow
being only shadow
know your way

know your way lest the stray dogs
lurk at your feet
lest the ruins enchant
you into underground
passages, the secret city
in a mountain, know your way

know your way past the changeable
seduction, past
the reflection of sky turning
and water turning, like sunsets
beginning, know your way

know your way when darkness
succumbs and shadows
block the light. I am in the way!
know your way

some kind of lust (23 Dec 2007)

22 Aug

like a song bouncing in full
like notes off empty echoes
and lingering in the absence

of absence, like a pack of dogs
howling at night and calling
up ghosts, the fire of love and death

flaming my intoxication, joining the
divine like madness
that melody of moving

stillness, no thought escapes
let me adulterate every
chaste thought of you

as one who sees the saint
before sunrise, and calls
her a sinner

let it be seen square on
how madness beats a heart
into action, what strength

to grasp the truth, I command
my every step aware, lest
the shit clings

hermit (16 Dec 2007)

22 Aug

in the most populous
place and in the fire of
dead night

the orange robe emerges
and wraps to my body
Glory Alone

take me to the centre of
my own Hermit
the ascetic of light

and wisdom, and when
all shadows pass
round the drumming circle

and beat jubilant Death
I find the jewel of a transformed
Acquaintance, the Inner

Now guides
me into devotion
and into this boundless self

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