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images (9 June 2010)

6 Jul

a long line
in a lost ocean

and the waves roll in
a warm kiss on my toes
and wetting my trousers

as a playful dolphin
rides the waves
and jumps the air


tornado (3 June 2010)

30 Jun

arriving to a tornado
and then the eye
of this storm settles

for the rest
  of my life

staying here is my calm
and excitement in one
my own personal

it is powerful
it is soothing

I am my better
I am my beauty and
I am the self I am in heaven

being here I can see

home is what happens
when my heart
stops running into the storm

Tiru scape (27 Dec 2007)

28 Feb

Indian air creates a soft light
for setting suns
a dust eclipse and golden halo
for eyes to be still or blind

thank god for no static
only the ballet of humping toots
snoring sirens, guttering metal
coughing into motion
and sneezing bells

a kind of impatience but not at all listless

the overlaps are flirting
with every sound and space
it appears constant
space appears to be full

not chaotic, just complete
I move in and around
through and through

what it means (12 Dec 2007)

26 Feb

there he is, dishevelled
wrapped in a longi
barely awake, but

glowing eyes
  that draw me in
a transparent emerald

  pond to dive in to
we are alone
we are both exhausted

and collapse into a cuddle
  that includes
  the crows, the dogs

  touching finger tips
  the bulldozer, and finally
if I had any doubts of synonyms

for night time in India
the over volumned static flow
  of prayers at four in the morning


dried eyed and sticky skin
we lie touching fingers
and ask what it means to be here

  in this room
if we come up with an answer tonight
we’re allowed to change our minds

  in the morning

taxi (11 Dec 2007)

26 Feb

my first taxi ride in India
a sleek Cuban style vintage
upbeat experimental

  bollywood sounds; loud
alas – no kitch demi gods
protection from the dash

(thou Gannesh is stuck to the windscreen)

it’s night time, I want to see
what I am doing. I am being driven
  in the middle of the road

  with the lights off – is this a game?

and then appears
  a full beam stand-off
an on-coming headlight

starts the dance
  flick dip flick dip
I am material, not ethereal

please don’t confuse the two

only one Holy Jesus passes
  my lips – I’ve decided
   blaspheming is redundant

   in a country of gods
   on every dashboard (except mine)
it is simply me calling to my childhood

God, albeit, in a state of alarm

I think I have the horn section
  figured out now
a toot does not forewarn

  warning or demands
for right of passage, not really
it is an ‘as-you-were’

it’s all pretty much
  asymmetrical chaos
playing in the gaps of

  transient light and sound

I decide from here on in
  I have no cares
I let go of my foot on the floor

  stamping into that imaginary break
there are too many details
that make up India

for me to be in control

  this trip is starting out in deep surrender

come into being (9 Dec 2007)

26 Feb

and so my new chapter begins
here I come into being
with your esoteric energy

the surrendering made easy
more available
less tied to suffering

you have a way of looking
into my eyes
and I can accept all things

I can’t think of a better soul
to be journeying with
in this moment

Throat chakra (13 Feb 2010)

17 Feb

I sing the Gayartri Mantra
The entire plane ride into India
I may be singing for enlightenment

But really I’m subduing the little patterings of fear

India. Holy Mother, I’m entering into
The domains of destruction
Dancing with Shiva

With a man who kisses his feet
(The intoxicated devotee that he is)
And he rides the fastest bike in town

I confess; I love an adventure

He and I are an illusion
In love, out of love, in love
I fall completely free

To say I love you
Has a quality that sounds
Redundant. Love

Is all there is before the object (him)
And subject (me) ever existed
Take us out of the equation; I and You do not sustain

Truth. And I confess, the crakes
Are showing; it’s difficult to take
Myself as a known quantity

I am patterned, I can see that
(It plays out in my heat)
And I am strikingly independent

A Palm Reader who I have a crush on
Tells me I’m special; destiny is waiting
I see truth and contradictions in his reading

I see truth and contradictions in my beliefs
(mainly contradictions)
And when I stop for just a moment

Stop talking about Me, that is
I learn that rather than being left with
Nothing to say

It leaves me with Everything to express

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