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stopped (07 July 2011)

16 Aug

I stopped saying
you left me

I’m not sure
who the victim is

it is chaos
meeting Truth


enquiry (13 March 2011)

23 May

ask me what’s here
and I will tell you
how naked life is

you speak of truth (10 March 2011)

30 Apr

you speak of truth
like someone had written it
on the back of your hand

I wish I could draw the galaxy there
so you would know truth
is not a set of words

but the space between
every cell and star
as they rest

into my belly (5 Feb 2011)

7 Mar

I slipped out of my skin
last night I danced
like my love and I
were one

I danced into my reflection
turning a spotlight on
and there my shadow
pulsed and waved with the wall

I turned the window to night
I danced as a naked spirit
I danced the naked shaman
into an instrument, a tongue

learning the language
of never spoken
like deeply set secrets
embodied in hips and elbows and breasts

show me what it looks like to be free

I danced with the moon a small sliver
I danced the clouds silver
I danced myself awake into the black
into the plump of my hips

I danced in my light
I danced in de- light
I found the source of the dance
and the base

left a wake of white fingers
crossing my belly,
I could have …
a child
  in there

I’m naturally
like I’m three months carrying
a seed

I dance the rounded belly
full of power
golden stream
my strength

and one divine
standing alone
this immaculate passion

I feed from the stars
I dance the rounded belly
by my self.
It is full.

confessional (16 Nov 2010)

14 Feb

he says he regrets marrying me

I stop in my tracks
I stand there and feel
my skin prickle in the night air

the phone crackles
yet I do not feel spiky, and
I do not fall, strangely I do not fall

these words belie the strength
or foolishness or honesty
or despair for something easier

these words belie
the truth behind the truth
behind the truth

words not ever aimed
at a raw nerve
but in his service

it is to crack my heart
and keep me open
holding me open

in a soft voice he says
are you still there?

The Nature Writer’s Responsibility (14 Oct 2010)

14 Oct

When I read The Nature Writer’s Dilemma by John Hay,
I couldn’t stop shaking with excitement.
Neurons were firing information and exclamations
out faster than my mind could hold on to them.

I confess, when a message of Truth touches me,
my body reacts by wanting to bolt to the toilet
and expel everything else left – everything
that was not touched must go, like all shit.

Old and inherited beliefs and indigestible ideas
swallowed to placate mum or society
churn in my gut.
Reading John Hay is a laxative for my lies.

The truth that I distilled from his essay I can sum up as this;
It is our responsibility to create union.
It is our responsibility as human beings, and as writers,
to create union.

This is a seed for me, so epic in potential, it’s frightening to hold.

speaking truth (31 Dec 2007)

28 Feb

this pain is the pain of Separation
the question that expands all
that asks us to enquire

  who is watching you
   feel all this
so quickly empties my mind

my mind does not ask
I put it to my heart
and it reaches out

  and finds nothing

it returns home from
  an empty land
and finds no peace

as I speak it, I feel only
agitation at how much
  is untouched by words

nothing I say comes close
  to Truth

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