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what am I following? (7 Dec 2011)

24 Jan

what am I following?

the wind is too strong
the sun is too bright
the sea is enormous

I can only sing to the earth
each day is new, and each day is my last


stranger (01 Aug 2011)

2 Oct

I can not lay this pain

I heave and I heave
for one breath of peace

I am on the floor
beside the toilet

the full length mirror in front

and when I look at her

I am the stranger
to all that is before me

sea and sky upside down (16 July 2011)

29 Sep

this new heaven
bumpy and accelerated

white frothy isobars
changing like my moods

this new ocean grey and calm
or moody, what sits beneath

is above and
I forgot to let the ladder fall

land hovers

waiting for gravity
to adjust

don’t know (21 April 2011)

11 Jun

and even my pen
has lost its ink

surrender (10 April 2011)

11 Jun

all I can do is move

the unknown

uncertainty (13 March 2011)

23 May

I am standing
on the precipice

the tidal wave is slower
than you think
but the momentum

the momentum … how is it
that chaos sounds so deep
like the earth

the earth shifted
into a completely new

I remember the first time
death met me –
losing a best friend

can make a religion crumble
and all prayers

you speak of truth (10 March 2011)

30 Apr

you speak of truth
like someone had written it
on the back of your hand

I wish I could draw the galaxy there
so you would know truth
is not a set of words

but the space between
every cell and star
as they rest

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