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sea and sky upside down (16 July 2011)

29 Sep

this new heaven
bumpy and accelerated

white frothy isobars
changing like my moods

this new ocean grey and calm
or moody, what sits beneath

is above and
I forgot to let the ladder fall

land hovers

waiting for gravity
to adjust


momentum (03 April 2011)

11 Jun

it’s up to you
because I’ve been sitting still
for so long
and the momentum

the momentum behind me
has built to a point
that this decision
this decision that you

avoid and hide from
is going to thrust me
and you together
or wide wide apart

view (22 March 2011)

7 Jun

static waterfall
dance of plumage
white flowering

for the forest
to take over

unspoken prayer (11 March 2011)

2 May

every cell I ever knew
has lost its voice

and every molecule of energy
is holding on

to that unspoken prayer

death (09 March 2011)

30 Apr

the smell of death
like a still wind
like a southerly front
out at sea

and the breadcrumbs
thrown to the seagulls
like it is a banquet

and the breadcrumbs
mean nothing

they’re just leftovers

view (22 March 2011)

27 Apr

static waterfall
dance of plumage
white flowering
for the forest to take over

not my will (11 May 2009)

18 Dec

before the spring
eruption of our cosmic newness
there exists a silence

akin to waiting
like possibilities sitting
under the snow

breathing a deeper earth
rhythm, slower than the days
and nights, slower than a storm

cloud, it bides and hums this
dance. I am still
ever growing readiness, frozen

in the highest realms, mountains
growing faster, the whole earth
readying what is underneath

from molten core to the new
alpine flower fluttering its
first fragrance into the wind

of nowhere, there I am
dancing the perfect tempo
of ‘not my will’

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