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I can see you (7 Dec 2011)

24 Jan

today I praise you, I am humbled by you
in your unconscious way, you saw
what must be done
that the two of us, that husbandwife team
could no longer sustain
our own journey
to become
whole and complete

you saw in that unconscious way
two spirits who had outlived
each other
our karma was gone
(did I hurt you this bad last time?)
our need to dream
became less important
than our need to wake up

in this way, I can see you


waking up (7 Dec 2011)

24 Jan

waking up from this fantasy
left open wounds, constant bleeding
I never knew if life or death
was more appealing

I never knew what I was capable of

pain, like that of an unborn child
can have no name, no face
and yet it cuts the deepest
loss of all

you speak of truth (10 March 2011)

30 Apr

you speak of truth
like someone had written it
on the back of your hand

I wish I could draw the galaxy there
so you would know truth
is not a set of words

but the space between
every cell and star
as they rest

what does it mean? (05 Mar 2011)

25 Mar

this time people died

I want to turn to the sages
the crones of astrology
the priestesses of druidry
the kaumatua of Maori

and ask for an explanation

what does all this mean?
I know they won’t take
the trauma away

I know they won’t offer
a panacea of words
but as I look in their direction

and they point me back
to mine, I see they have left
a little clue

today; a picture of a massive ice shelf
broke off Aoraki mountain.

It looks like a crystal.

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child of light (28 Feb 2011)

8 Mar

this child of light
can see the shadow in you
in perfect symmetry

and this child of light
can see when you indulge
that shadow

because the play distorts
the smoothness
turns slippery

and in a fraction of a second
he falls into your attention
and you become light

As he is

be kind (30 Aug 2010)

8 Sep

amazing how righteous indignation
  or anger or sulking
   or brooding
can play host to such

he, you, they, them, all of the
thems so persistently
proving my mind right | proving my mind right

like I can wear a badge
saying see! I told you
so, I harden the evidence
in support of me

and so, if I want to see the
  impermanence, of my moods
of theirs, in relation to that,
I actually need to ask
for an entirely new scene

where boxes and paths and
  well trodden tracks
   don’t yet exist
to illustrate
that the kindest thing

   is nothing fixed
  to an idea or mountain
or moll hill or even
to thinking I know him
or them or anyone

because that’s real
it is the real dirty knowing
the unassumed recognition
an open bandwidth to be

and profoundly kind to my self
as a service to them
to be kind to them
                 as a service to me.

shame (30 Aug 2010)

8 Sep

dust kicked up
  is that where you look?
or do you see, despite the grit
in your eyes, the amorphous
being that makes you cry
         you know a glimpse
is all that’s needed of shame
it’s a drowning character
  of led weights
         if you’re willing
to name it and let it claw
at you for the second
it takes to find its name
and let too your ego scream
seriously let it wail
(just don’t defend)
         then, and only then
  the quality of shame dissolves
because it can only exist
  without a name
or any other close inspection
         it just can not hold itself
  without your consent
(which is always coveted
  and assumed)
so feel it pull away and
  let it pull away
(for a moment you will feel
damn yourself with tears
  in the process and
burst through like you are
following that concocted story
to its own end. Shame is a peculiar
death, because it never in fact

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