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travelling (August 2005)

28 Feb

I am here, I am in this moment
life’s little pause

suspend me
in this place
now and forever

only to move on

life’s little joys
bought by me
at a price


tonight (June 2005)

28 Feb

yes, tonight you’re on my mind
never mind that you’re not next to me
you’ve tended my soul with sweetness
translated language into poetry
and spun webs of delicate words
what would I do without you my muse?

And if I were to bump into you tomorrow
I think I would take your hand
and read every crinkle of your palm
I would ask when our lives would next intersect
but mainly I would just be content
  and touching
  and falling
in love we respect
this distance and our chosen lives

tomorrow (June 2005)

28 Feb

my journey begins
rest now

and listen
sink into the music
and travel

dancing with you
breath and cheek
so slow

I draw my strength
here you are
at last with me

my journey begins
with you

travel (June 2005)

28 Feb

I can’t say
what will happen
to my heart

and where it will travel
I can’t say to my heart
that you must stay here and love

or go there and not
tepid and lukewarm
no, I will miss you painfully

what will happen
will be

will nourish us in some way
in which way…
I can not say

lonely road (November 2004)

25 Feb

I don’t understand this puzzle before me
this crossroads, this land
so foreign and unmarked

Who can I appeal to
who won’t judge, won’t condemn –
can I not ride the coat-tails of fate?

where I watch my teeth fall out
over and over,
I dream, not speak

If building character is the design
how lonely I will be
how misguided, I took thee all

to no better place
than my indecision
and uncomprehending how

 a candle still burns
 in times like these

keep on running (October 2004)

25 Feb

You’re right. I’m running away from you
God! It’s starting to sink in how fucked up I’ve been
With you
I long for the intimacy I deprive you
for the shared dreams you deprive me

How much am I putting on the line?
sacrificing a little island paradise
for a huge continent
or maybe it’s the other way round
unwilling to compromise.

Have I crossed the line with you?
I must be but an inch from it
How much are you willing to put up with?
Is it for fear or love that you stay?

And if I were to say something
something to make you feel better, or not
but at least something to say how miserable I am
that I hurt you this way and that I hate myself

And how scared I must be
to do something about it
For is it fear or love
that keeps me here?

A fucked up (island) paradise!

If our hearts are full of fear
I suggest it’s unwise to listen to it
I know my heart though in this matter of torment
– it is love divided

pause (September 2004)

25 Feb

hesitant scribbles and
inconsequential patterns of my hand

  misrepresenting what I want to say
don’t analyse any of this

it’s all lost in translation
overly contextualised
the introspection lingers

something to be written for another time

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